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NIADA Artists:

Akira & Larry Blount

Stephanie Blythe

Reina Mia Brill

Ankie Daanen

Chomick & Meder

Antonette Cely

Richard & Jodi Creager

Leslie Keeble

Mary Ellen Frank

Diane Keeler

Hennie Koffrey

Lisa Lichtenfels

Leslie Molen

Heather Maciak

Ima Naroditskya

Deborah C. Pope

Marilyn Radzat

Olga Roehl

Forest Rogers

Shelley Thornton

Marlaine Verhelst

Annie Wahl

Kathryn Walmsey

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My Artist Friends:

Gary Mirabelle

Nita Angeletti

Kate Lackman

Don Becker

Monica Mechling

Cindee Moyer

Ruth Shively

Lorrell Lehman

Jo Packham

Lala Ortiz

Nick Gurewitch

Doll Galleries:

Earth Angels Studios

Dear Little Dollies

Best Friends Collectibles

The Susan Quinlan Museum

Happily Ever After

Toy Shoppe


Fashion Doll Review



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